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kelis feedback

Posted: 26 Sep 16 12:18
I really enjoyed today epically that I got top cook with the orange team who are Brook ,Harrison, Magic and the teacher, we made double cooked chicken and we made sauce with pepper , chopped, tomatoes ,onions ,tomatoes and we also made pasta I learned that brown bread is more healthy than white bread. I also learned that there different types of vegetarians I learned that a hand full of fruit or vegetables Is one potion of you of five a day but you recommend seven a day.

Banquet dining cooked and served by class 4 for their parents

Posted: 03 Aug 16 18:02
I can't thank you enough for the amount of tremendous effort that went into the class 4 gala dinner. The evening was a huge success. The food looked wonderful and the school hall transformed by the children into a banquet dining environment for the parents and school staff. I have thanked everyone who contributed towards the success. The children worked extremely hard, they all delivered service excellence and without a doubt amazed their customers (parents). I was extremely proud of all the children! Thank you once again

Next year's date is in the diary!

Life skill opportunity for year 5 and 6

Posted: 03 Aug 16 17:52
Last Friday’s Gala Dinner and all of the work that you did with the children during the afternoon was absolutely brilliant. Both the children and their parents can’t stop talking about the experience. I want to say a huge thank you to you and TCS for enabling the event to take part, for inspiring the children and the professional way you led the proceedings.

We will most definitely be booking for next year

Posted: 08 May 16 09:48
Thank you Darren for a superb day! The children and staff had an amazing time learning how to cook nutritious meals and follow a healthy lifestyle. You had a brilliant manner with all the children and delivered the activities in a fun and creative way. Children have been inspired to cook at home and to be more proactive in their food choices. Thank you once again for visiting Dunnington Primary; we look forward to seeing you again!

Super, Inspirational day for everyone!

Posted: 28 Apr 16 15:57
What an amazing day. Pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the cooking experience and found the presentation extremely informative. Pupils have been buzzing all day! The meals and smoothies prepared were absolutely delicious and I know have inspired pupils and staff to have a go at some of the recipes.

An incredibly inspirational and fun day. Can't wait for the next one!!!

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