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Food for thought!!

Posted: 26 Feb 16 14:58
A great day had by all. Darren was very enthusiastic and engaging. The children (and staff) loved it. Really informative and fun sessions.

A fun & creative way to discuss healthy eating!

Posted: 11 Feb 16 17:48
A big thank you for visiting the school and discussing healthy eating in a fun and creative way. To share you passion for food with the children will inspire them to make healthy choices regarding their meals at school & at home.

A Fantastic Learning Journey!

Posted: 04 Feb 16 15:38
Darren took the children and staff on a journey of discovery, learning about food and nutrition in a fun and interactive way and why we should eat certain foods. During the cooking workshop Darren engaged all the children explaining the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet. In the KS1 workshops the children learnt about portion sizes and why it is important to have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. A day filled with fun, laughter and learning!

cooking is fun

Posted: 22 Jan 16 14:28
The workshop showed us that we can cook a healthy and attractive meal in 15 minutes. We used a unique range of ingredients to construct a healthy but delicious meal.Both teams had to concentrate on presentation as well as taste because they were both very significant. St.Mary's Catholic Primary School was very content at the end of the show. I think that I am right to say that we had all been inspired to start cooking healthily. We had learnt lots of things that we didn't know before like different styles of cooking. One of our teachers didn't even know what type of vegetarian she was until today.

A great day

Posted: 12 Jan 16 19:24
What fantastic ways to teach all how to cook and eat in a healthy manner. The ks2 workshop in the morning was interactive and very informative and the children produce some very tasty food. The ks1 and EYFS workshops allowed the children to produce and taste some very yummy fruit smoothies and we ended the day with an interesting parent workshop. You know when you have got something right when parents and children are asking for the recipes. Thank you very much Darren.

Definitely something that all schools should get involved in, money well spent!

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