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fantastic, fun and informative

Posted: 03 Dec 15 09:40
The kids all enjoyed the day as did I as the catering manager x well done Darren

Fun enjoyable and educational

Posted: 23 Nov 15 12:08
Our children in Years 3 and 4 really enjoyed seeing their teachers going 'head to head' on the Curriculum Cooking Challenge and this was an exciting way not only to encourage them to cook [ and hopefully the message they gave their parents / carers will encourage more of them to cook with their children at home] but the workshop also passed on important messages about nutrition. The younger children in Years 1 and 2 equally enjoyed the Fitness and Food Workshops - a real bonus in the afternoon for all as it had been wet play for the whole of lunchtime.

I really enjoyed Darren's competition and I am going to try the recipes at home. - Yr 3 child That was fun and the smoothie was delicious - Yr 2 child

KS1 Fun, Fitness, Food Event

Posted: 11 Nov 15 23:30

Hi Darren

The children had a wonderful session-they were highly engaged, actively participating and enjoy learning about the benefits of health and fitness whilst devouring delicious smoothies. Many thanks for such an energetic and enlivening delivery!


Posted: 11 Nov 15 23:30

Darren is a true professional. His show is outstanding and communicates key information about health and nutrition whilst entertaining. He has visited our Academy on a number of occasions and is hugely popular with our students. His work is an important part of our PSHE programme.

Gala Dinner runs for the eighth consecutive year at Wellingborough Prep School

Posted: 11 Nov 15 23:30

Wellingborough Prep School, working with Darren Tinkler of Roots to Food, hosted its latest Celebration Dinner in May of this year. This dinner has become somewhat of a prestigious event within the School's social calendar, leaving parents astounded by what their children can achieve.

The Prep School and Darren (previously of Chartwells, but now working independently under the 'Roots to Food' banner) devised the plan for the dinner when Headmaster's wife, Claire Mitchell, was asked to provide a cooking experience for all the children in Year 8. Although it had originally been thought that the cookery classes could take place in her house, Darren and Mrs Mitchell came up with the idea of a set of evening cookery master classes, followed by a celebratory dinner, delivered to the pupils' parents in a 'top notch' fashion.

During the cookery master classes, students were able to get a feel for cooking and what they might expect from working in a professional kitchen. It is at this point that each of the students is advised of their main role for the evening. All have to multi-task to ensure that all aspects of the presentation are fulfilled to a high standard.

Up to 80 children each year are given the opportunity to act as either Chef, Waiter, Sommelier, Maitre d' or a member of the Meet and Greet team. All are involved with every aspect of the delivery of this very special evening, even down to napkin art, flower arranging, photography and occasional music.

The life skills gained through the experience of working with experts in the field of catering are invaluable. Darren Tinkler has combined nutritional education, cooking skills and high expectations with a great deal of fun.

I am delighted not only to have been involved in this fantastic cooking initiative, but to also see how well received it is by all the children and their parents.

Mr Richard Mitchell (Headmaster) Wellingborough School

What our parents say...

What an absolutely fantastic evening my wife and I just had. You must be so proud of what the children achieved tonight. We felt we were in the company of young men and women - they were all so grown up and impeccably mannered.


The food was truly superb and, as an Eton Mess aficionado, it was as good as I have had in any restaurant!


Thank you to the teaching and kitchen staff, and most of all the Year 8's; that was a truly memorable evening


What our children think...

The gala dinner was one of the most exciting experiences we have ever had; the experience of actually catering for over 150 adults gave us a very different perspective on life and a preview of a possible future.


The evening started at about 4pm, with waiters and waitresses setting up tables and cooks preparing dishes in the kitchen. The waiters and waitresses partnered up to learn how to professionally lay out the cutlery and how to fold napkins into many shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, the chefs partnered up and learnt how to prepare their dishes and set the food out on plates professionally.


The chefs thought the hardest part of the evening was getting all of the dishes ready on time, especially when the time came for the desserts as there was a huge wave of waiters and waitresses all wanting Eton Mess for their customers which was so popular and it looked great! The waiters and waitresses thought that the hardest part of the evening was making sure everyone on their table had exactly what they ordered and also trying to judge when everyone would finish.


The evening was hard but enjoyable while we were serving the adults. Afterwards, everyone felt fulfilled and very proud of what they had achieved. We know that everyone would love to do the evening again as it was very successful.

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