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Posted: 15 Nov 21 21:14
I am forwarding a copy of our newsletter last week which contains some of the many wonderful comments made by our children about their Roots to Food workshops. They really are brilliant and Darren delivers such an energetic, passionate, educational day about cookery life skills we all need to learn and improve on. Many of our parents also commented on the sessions when they came for an Open Evening that day. It is such a joy to have him in school and see the delight on the children's faces!

Practical cooking/nutritional learning experience

Posted: 15 Sep 21 09:02
This was an excellent experience for the children, truly. My class will be perfecting the claw and bridge for our cooking sessions in class this term and you've sparked their interest for sure! All the staff were so complimentary of your day, and I hope you return back to Friday Bridge in the future. You are just so jolly good at your job!!! I shall pass on the recipes and thanks again Best wishes, Charlotte
Posted: 11 Jul 21 19:28
Thank you so very much, Darren for a wonderful day. The children and teachers absolutely loved it and one teacher, who had not experienced your workshops before, has given you a raving review and said it was the best workshop her children had ever had. (I think you top the charts; even better than any celebrity chef).
Posted: 25 Mar 21 22:08
The children loved their session with you and went home buzzing so thank you so much. You have certainly mastered your profession! I will pass your details onto my fellow head teachers and encourage them to book you.

Practical cooking/nutritional learning experience

Posted: 23 Oct 20 09:52
Thank you so much for the great cookery workshops. The feedback from both the teachers and the children has as always been fantastic. The teachers loved the fact that the children learnt about the products they were about to cook and were taught the skills needed to enable them to actually produce a meal of their own. The children across the year groups were so excited to learn about the foods they had to prepare and were so thrilled at the prospect of actually being allowed to physically cook the meal. My class were so excited. This year they relished the opportunity to show you that they were old enough and that they could be trusted to use the equipment to prepare a meal. I have spoken to the Deputy head today, who will decimate your details to the trust so they can have the opportunity to contact you and arrange the workshops in their schools. As soon as next year's term dates are finalised, I will email you with possible dates. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again next year. Ali Hyland
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