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Enthusiasm and Professionalism

Posted: 11 Nov 15 23:30

I have used Darren on many occasions for both school events and conferences for school leaders. In all he does, Darren brings a level of enthusiasm and professionalism I have rarely seen. His ability to engage an audience, no matter the age, and see great results in learning and teamwork is why I use him whenever I am planning something. His ability to create and work within the budget agreed has never failed and I have always seen 100% positive feedback from schools and conferences when he's there.

Aylesham Primary School children and staff quotes

Posted: 11 Nov 15 23:30

The unrivalled part of the show was smelling the food whilst it was being made. I enjoyed it when they brought out the team captains and they were teachers. It was unexpected and I loved how everybody got involved.


I like that the show was interactive and that we got to taste the food and that little children got to join in. The food was really nice and healthy. The one moment that really impressed me was when I got to go and see how the teams were doing and the smell of the food was really nice.


I liked it when we got to join in with the cooking, and the time limit made it exciting. It made us work even harder than we would have and we had the teachers joining in with the children.


I was bewildered by what you can make with a few ingredients and fifteen minutes. I didn't think they would be able to complete and serve the dish before the time ran out but fortunately both teams just about managed it. I adored this show and if you're like me and you love cooking, I strongly believe you will too.


I was one of the staff members who was lucky enough to be involved in the actual cooking segment of the Roots to Food assembly. It was so nice to share such a fun activity with my students and take part in the learning right along with them. I am always trying to make learning in my classroom as hands on as possible, and chef Darren did not disappoint in this regard! It was a unique and satisfying feeling to wipe our hands off on our aprons at the end of the cooking challenge and taste the dish that we made together - better yet that it was so delicious!

Julian Swinkin
Posted: 11 Nov 15 23:30
On behalf of the school I'd like to thank you for the brilliant day that we had with you. The children haven't stopped talking about how they had a mini 'Ready Steady, Cook' session with you which was both very educational in terms of learning about healthy eating in addition to learning about how to cook great, tasty/healthy meals in short periods of time. The exciting and fun show, along with your clear passion for what you do engaged all of the children at all levels. Every child was able to talk about what they had learnt from the day. The younger children had a smashing time making fruit smoothies and considering the benefits to their bodies. We now can't wait for your return next year when you'll be working with our top juniors to cook a meal for a dinner party for the parents, staff and governors. You truly are an inspiration to young people and a champion for healthy living.
Posted: 11 Nov 15 23:30

Thank you so much for the fantastic workshops you presented at Merton Park today. The children not only had loads of fun but they also learnt lots about food groups, hydration, healthy eating and how to prepare two delicious meals!

Your workshops delivered so much more than I had expected. You included all the children and staff and also our school cook - she so rarely gets out of the kitchen during the morning!

In addition to all the great learning going on there was a lovely smell of cooking wafting around the school - it made us all feel hungry!

Thank you once more Darren - I shall make sure the recipes go home with the children tomorrow.

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