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Posted: 25 Mar 21 22:08
The children loved their session with you and went home buzzing so thank you so much. You have certainly mastered your profession! I will pass your details onto my fellow head teachers and encourage them to book you.

Practical cooking/nutritional learning experience

Posted: 23 Oct 20 09:52
Thank you so much for the great cookery workshops. The feedback from both the teachers and the children has as always been fantastic. The teachers loved the fact that the children learnt about the products they were about to cook and were taught the skills needed to enable them to actually produce a meal of their own. The children across the year groups were so excited to learn about the foods they had to prepare and were so thrilled at the prospect of actually being allowed to physically cook the meal. My class were so excited. This year they relished the opportunity to show you that they were old enough and that they could be trusted to use the equipment to prepare a meal. I have spoken to the Deputy head today, who will decimate your details to the trust so they can have the opportunity to contact you and arrange the workshops in their schools. As soon as next year's term dates are finalised, I will email you with possible dates. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again next year. Ali Hyland

Always a great session - even in the 'new-normal'!

Posted: 21 Sep 20 21:02
I nearly cancelled Darren visiting our school today but I am so glad I didn't! His clear risk assessment made me realise that we could share the healthy eating message in a safe, 'COVID secure' way. As always, Darren's enthusiasm hooked the children whilst the smooth organisation and simplicity of the meal made them realise that this was something they could do. However, the most important thing was the taste - every child loved the food because it was delicious and they were invested in it. Thank you Darren for your flexibility and making the sessions work around our arrangements and staggered timetables - it was an enjoyable and educational event.

Perfect launch to our healthy living project

Posted: 16 Sep 20 14:00
Thank you for visiting us. Your comprehensive risk assessment made me confident we could have a successful but safe day on Friday. The children were so excited and very enthusiastic to tell us about what they had learned. The staff were also very enthused and it has been the perfect launch to our healthy living project for this term. Thank you for being patient with my little ones they have only just started school so I was pleased overall with how they were. The KS1 children told me all about what they had done when I went to see them. We have also had fantastic parent comments on the online learning app we use called Tapestry about how their children had been telling them all about it at home. Thank you once again and I hope things continue to move forward for you despite the challenge of COVID. Sarah
Posted: 25 Sep 19 21:24
It was such a success because of you also. You present such an amazing opportunity for the children in such a calm and organised manner. Your warm and infectious personality engages every single child and they have the utmost respect for you – it’s a winning combination. I know your Gala Dinners are well-rehearsed and you have such experience in this but we couldn’t have imagined it going as well as it did. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We look forward to working with you again.
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